Venpa entering 2nd-week poster

Klang – Venpa is running successfully into its 2nd week after release. While there a few who criticised the movie’s poor technicality and poor lighting at certain scenes, most of the general public who watched the movie had given their thumbs up for Venpa.

I went to watch Venpa on last Tuesday at 8.15 pm show in TGV Bukit Tinggi, Klang. I was astonished to see there were about 50 people came to watch Venpa on the 7th-day show. It was the first time for me to see this kind of crowd in Klang for a local Tamil movie after a week. That alone is deserved to be praised. Kudos to the team!

Venpa is a Tamil romantic comedy that revolves around a boy’s feelings for his old school sweetheart and his newfound attraction to another girl. Something that most of us that can relate to. The feelings we had for an old flame and the attractions we get with a new potential love.

Instead of writing a review of what I think the movie team should have done or should not have done and instead of dabbling on the cinematography and the technical aspects of filmmaking, Please allow me to just share my experiences that I had throughout watching Venpa.

I felt the opening was surreal when the character “Sathya bang” comes to the jetty and eats breakfast while then the flower made him remember from the good old days. We all can relate to it when an object or music can make us reminisce the past. I liked it. It felt fresh and something new.

The audiences fell in love with the character of Thennavan which is played by Yuvaraj Krishnasamy. His expressions and dialogue delivery were nice. It was all waves of laughter, especially when in one scene, Thennavan was asked how he would know Kalyani‘s (Agalyah Maniam) identity card number. Agalyah Maniam was perfect cast for the role of Kalyani. She pulled it off with such charm.

Kuben Mahadevan added more laughter moments as Jo Mama. Though his scenes were limited, but he managed to make everyone laugh in every scene he came. There was never a dull moment. Thevaguru Suppiah as “Sathya Bang” was a good choice. He lived out that character well and was natural.

I grew fond of the character “Sheila” played by Santeinii Chandra Bos. Her quiet and homely character shine through. I felt the emotions of Sheila‘s unreciprocated love towards Thennavan at first, how that feeling played out was portrayed well.

As for me, A good movie is a movie where it manages to catch the attention of its audiences and audiences could sit through the entire movie, engaged with the movie’s screenplay. That audiences may even overlook some technical mistakes, just because of that engagement. Director K. Kavi Nanthan did this very well during Venpa’s storyline and its quirky moments followed by quirky sound effects.

One really should commend Varmman Elangkovan‘s music. I loved the background music excerpt playing during the interaction of the characters. One song I like is “Thirumbi Paaradi“. Thanneer Narayanan and Samhitha Mira rendered their vocals while lyrics were by the Director himself.

Overall, It was a commendable effort by Director K.Kavi Nanthan and his crew. The story was engaging, the background music and songs were indeed great to listen to. The cinematography and lightings can be improved, which I think they will improve in their next project. Cast did a good job in portraying the characters. The two poems recited by Thennavan and Sathya Bang was good. It was meaningful and did strike a chord within me.

I could go on and point more good points and memorable scenes from the movie and that is a good sign. Venpa is one of the quality movies and how do I justify this? It’s simple. The movie is still going on strong after 7 days in cinema and 50 audiences who watched with me in the cinema that day, stayed until the end credits where they showed the bloopers.

Venpa is not to be missed movie. Do watch the movie in your nearest cinemas and have a cup of coffee while at it.