Under the direction of Thayalan Mariamuthu, Velli Iravu was released on youtube last Sunday 14th. A short film which is based on a true story that revolves around the main theme – root of all evil, greed.

The story revolves around 4 characters and their background story of not having enough money and being heavily indebted. To solve these issues, they undertake a fast and easy way which is through a medium/spiritist to help them using black/white magic ways instead of putting effort and getting help the right way to solve their issues.

What happens to the 4 of them at the end forms the crux of the story.  The storyteller, Thayalan Mariamuthu hits the right note with the depiction of our community in regards of seeking 4D or 6D lottery number in odd places to strike gold the easy way. Throughout the scenes, you can see human greed clearly being displayed when even if it’s life’s threatening situation, humans could still think of money and always not having enough.

There was enough humors to go around and got us cracking. The make up for the spiritist/medium character and the ghost character was nicely done and it really did bring the character alive in the screens. Overall, Velli Iravu has a good message which asks us to beware of the root of all evil which greed and ponder on the results of those actions that we take under greed’s influences.


VELLI IRAVU Cast & Crews involved :


Cameraman  –RAJA 

Make Up Artist  – BRENDA 



Assistant Director  – GOPAL