Language is our identity. It is not just a bunch of words put together that we speak to each other. It’s an entity that connects us to our family, culture, society, artistic expression, a belief system and a community. Without language, a community cannot sustain it’s existence. A community that loses it’s language, loses it’s identity in the ever changing world and its globalisation era.  

In lieu of this , Tamil vernacular schools was established in order to preserve our language and the culture behind it in Malaysia but the academic growth has been stagnant due to many reason. Thus, Persatuan Bekas Pelajar Sekolah Tamil Jalan Cheras has worked together with Malaysia Superstar Rajni Fan Club ( MRSFC ) and Dimension Publication Sdn Bhd to publish a set of UPSR revision kit since 2012. 

The objective of the revision kit is to prepare the standard Six Tamil students well for the their upcoming UPSR examination. The revision set kit comprised of all their subjects such as Mathematics, Bahasa Melayu, English Language, Science and Tamil Language. It has been put together by teachers who are expert and well educated in the current syllabus system that is set by our Education Ministry.

It has a comprehensive questions with diagrams, mind maps, indicative questions and various questions based on the I-Think concept. Their topics are updated with current issues, with complete latest tips for UPSR examinations. Needles to say, it is really an effort that has been thought through well and perfectly executed revision set kit. 

At first, the revision set was only distributed to few schools only. Noticing that it has make a positive impact to the students in preparing for UPSR and gain an overwhelming good receptions from the students, They have started to publish and distribute the UPSR revision kit for free to all the Tamil schools nationwide.

So far of a total of 3000 books had been distributed to students over 135 schools nationwide.

Gaining a good traction with all tamil students of standard Six, They have decided again to publish a total of 7,000 kits of UPSR revision set to 250 Tamil Schools within 2019 this year.

The public can reach them here for further information on sponsors : 

012 – 3113 343, 017 – 6834 685, 012 – 2049 344