Underrated brothers now standing in the eyes of Malaysia.

They started from the very bottom and their spirit to succeed burnt brighter than ever. The dynamic duo’s, Director Viknesh Perrabu and Director Thanesh Perrabu was once underrated and underestimated by most in our local film industry. They weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Their talents weren’t given due respect by most and because of that, the brothers almost quit if not for their father, Dr. Latcha Perrabu Rajagopal who saw the enormous passion and the willpower to showcase their talents in the film industry.  

Thus, SAI NANTHINI MOVIE WORLD SDN. BHD was formed by Dr.Latcha Perrabu to produce all the films, short films, telemovies and music videos that the brothers will undertake during their career. The supporting father was the reason that we did not lose a diamond in the rough.

Now, the brothers shoots to the star with upcoming fantasy action movie based on ancient gameboard, Paramapatham. The most highly anticipated local movie that has more than 100 online media partners and has been talked of the town since the pre-production phase.

The movie, Paramapatham is a bold and clever movie that capitalises on a fresh fantasy action genre, instead of a common and diluted love genre that has been always the theme of our local movies. The Double Directors, Viknesh Perrabu and Thanesh Perrabu has given a new fresh of breath to our local film industry.

Another fact that is worth mentioning here is that the movie’s crew are mostly made from fresh youths with raw talents. Under the brother’s supervision and guidance, they have turn out to be a most fulfilling crew and they are proud to say that the movie is made by the youth and for the youth.

Even then, there were rumors that having a fresh and inexperienced team would result in failure but what they (rumors) failed to see is that Director Viknesh & Thanesh Perrabu has many years of experiences and awards under their names. Under guidance of these brothers and the team’s hardwork with pure dedication to their work, they had produce a very good movie that is yet to be released. (Trust me, its good. I saw their raw cut promo and i was convinced that this movie will be a hit definitely).

In the words of Nicki Minaj, ” Hater’s don’t hate you. They hate themselves because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be”. So Director Viknesh Perrabu and Thanesh Perrabu, ignore the haters, keep on producing good quality movies and help showcase our upcoming young talents too.