Unakkagathane Official Trailer

Unakkagathane is a Malaysian Tamil Language movie which was released on 20th February 2020 and it is successfully running into 3rd week of release. It showcases the story of Rishi and Shan, childhood friends who are both employed as property consultants. Shan meets his long lost love interest from college in the midst of handling a big property sale.

Things turn worse when Shan and Rishi inadvertently gets involved in a police shootout between police and a criminal gang. This results in the gang leader’s brother being shot dead. The gang leader K7 now blames Rishi for the death of his brother and vows to avenge him while Rishi manages to shift the blame on Shan and Rishi becomes greedier by planning to grab the commission money made from the big property sale for himself.

The whole story revolves on whether Shan will manage to get back his love interest and will he escape from the gang’s revenge to kill him off while having his childhood friendship, being put to the test.

It’s refreshing to see a new script put into a screenplay where the twist of the story was placed eloquently well. I didn’t expect that twist to the story and it gets a little exhilarating after an almost predictable first half of the movie. Director SP Srikanth manages to pull through the second half of the movie.

The second half of the movie is where the drama and darker side of the story resides. Director SP Srikanth did good work in orchestrating the setting of the betrayal while Ztish’s music just nails it. The rap vocals by Mista Carey & Vicran is one of my favourites as the lyrics spoke truths of betrayal.

Ztish’s music is really good, refreshing to one’s soul and matching to the movie’s overall mood especially the “Uyirai Thodum”, that was really struck a chord deep within me. The song arrangements and BGM were really indeed well done.

Neeya Nanbavillaye- Unakkagathane’s track
Uyirai Thodum – Unakkagathane’s track

One of the downsides which I find it to be cringe is that most of the fight scenes could have been choreographed better for realism and especially the last fight sequence between the police and gangsters were just trying too hard. It’s something that I believe the team will improve on their next project.

Overall the movie was really good and did better to fare my expectation on our local Malaysian Tamil movie. Kudos to the team for a great effort on the movie and please continue to give us, good quality movie. Director SP Srikanth, hats off to you sir for being able to pull this story off. You made a fan out of me.

Unakkagathane is really one of the Local Malaysian Tamil movie worth watching! Please watch it as soon as possible if you haven’t!