The team behind “Paramapatham”

To put together a movie is not easy. It requires not only money but also good cast and dedicated crews. Below are the key people involved in making this movie, Paramapatham. A.newly formed youngters team by Viknesh Perrabu and Thanesh Perrabu.

“Under the leadership of Thanesh Perrabu, the team is very professional, energetic, and friendly. They are also hardworking perfectionist on the production field, pouring out their passion and dedication to the movie’s production phase,” according to the co-director 
Viknesh Perrabu.

Viknesh Perrabu‘s aim is to give opportunities to upcoming filmmakers, film making students and youngsters, so that he can mold them and guide them in order to raise the quality of our current film making industry in Malaysia.

Its not a doubt that most upcoming youngsters view Viknesh Perrabu as their youth’s icon and also perhaps media icon since he is collaborating with 100 online media supporters which mostly comprises of youths and joining them under one roof as a “family” in Paramapatham.

It is good that someone notices the capacity and power of youth when they are given opportunities to rise above their circumstances and get a good standing in society and community.

*Disclaimer : Title & Position list were given by Paramapatham’s management and if any  inaccuracies or ammendments, please let us know as soon as possible by email: