Passion knows no limit – Behind the scenes from Paramapatham

Passion knows no tiredness nor fatigue. Dedication never gives way for procrastination and laziness. Hardwork brings many sleepless nights and restless sleeps with it. Sucess is never easy nor achieved within one day.

Paramapatham is made with all of the above. Any good movie produced and screened, is a product of good onscreen actors & actresses and also off-screen heroes that is worth mentioning here.

Technical crews and non-technical crews under the supervision and lead of an experienced Director and Assistant Director brings out the best movie ever. They are one of the reason behind bringing a screenplay alive in motion pictures besides actors and actresses.

With that note, here are the behind the scenes photos of Paramapatham to show a glimpse of their hardwork and dedication. Stay tuned for more updates here as we got much more exciting news coming up soon on the trailer!