Paramapatham, a local Tamil movie based on game-board fantasy is getting large support from various walks of life. The movie which is set to be released on next year 2020, is gaining it’s much-needed publicity, all thanks to Facebook users.

To show their large support towards the upcoming movie, many FB users who had been following the movie’s constant progress and updates had started a wave of support by simply changing their Display Picture (DP). This may seem insignificant at first but it is also a very good way of reaching the mass audiences. The logic behind this is simple as if FB user has a friend list of approximately 4,000 friends, his/her updated DP will be on everyone’s newsfeed. A much faster way to reach the mass people in short time.

A special thanks and credit must be given to Mr. Logeswaran Gnanasegaran for this initiative taken to support Paramapatham. He has also promoted other local movies and played a vital part in their promotion. If you also are interested to be a part of this initiative supporting our local movie, Paramapatham, Do WhatsApp him at 014-6320 105.