“PARAMAPATHAM” – Get ready to roll dice on 2019

Inspired by the ancient Indian snake & ladder game board created before 1892, the upcoming movie “Paramapatham is ready to get its dice rolled in the coming months of 2019 under the direction of the dynamic brothers, Director Viknesh Perrabu & Director Thanesh Perrabu. Fresh upcoming youth, Desmond Mark has also played a vital role as the movie’s assistant director and scriptwriter.

One of the character that has been revealed in the previous week, Vajra which has Viknesh Perrabu himself bringing the character to life in the movie. We had searched for the meaning of the name Vajra and this is what it may mean or symbolize.

 Vajra : is a weapon of indestructible and irresistible force that belongs to Hindu Deity Indra. According to the Indian mythology, Vajra is considered as one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. 

In Paramapatham, Vajra is powerful and deadly, cunningly intelligent and fierce in character wise. With this being said, the audiences can expect that this character, Vajra will play a key role in unfolding this game-board based story. 

With a combination of all star casts and new upcoming talents that includes Ben G, Kavimaran, Aghonderan Sahadevan, Umagandhan Krishnan and Kausaliya Ravi. We can expect a good quality and screen worthy movie.