It’s a belated New Year gift to Paramapatham team as their feature film won the “Best Cinematography” Award in the 11th Norway Tamil Film Festival (NTFF) 2020.

It has been 10 years since NTFF was organised first in the year 2010 by VN Music Dreams.
A company that has established itself as a prominent production company in songwriting, music, poetry and films. As Tamil language, culture and religion are very close to their hearts, NTFF organisers aim to raise awareness and interest for Tamil movies in Norway. Hence the creation of the Norway Tamil Film Festival that celebrates global Tamil Cinema.

It’s a proud moment for Paramapatham’s Director Of Photography, Jegatheesvaran as this is his debut as D.O.P for a feature film. Having said that, it’s no beginners luck for Paramapatham team to win this award as you can see the cinematography performance in both of their teasers is promising.


We have personally seen the development of the movie, Paramapatham from its early rough cuts to final stages of post-production where the visuals kept getting better each time. The team have put tremendous efforts to bring forth a story worth watching.

With Paramapatham being his first feature film, Jegatheesvaran is someone worth keeping your eyes on for his future projects and we wish him all the best for his future endeavours. Kudos to Paramapatham’s Director Thanesh Perrabu and Viknesh Perrabu for introducing this talented D.O.P.

Besides Paramapatham, Pulanaivu had bagged two awards for best screenplay & best actor female and Metro Maalai had nailed it for social awareness category award (see below images). Our special wishes to their team as well and it’s always a pleasure to see our homegrown productions getting recognition for their hard work.

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