After a long wait, the official first teaser of the upcoming Tamilmovie, “Paramapatham” is released today at 6pm sharp. Under the renowned #PU4LYF Youtube channel which has about approximately 241,327 subscribers, “PARAMAPATHAM | 1st Teaser – PAGADAI” has garnered about 3,900 views just under 3 hours ago. 

That alone is an applaudable achievement. The teaser is best viewed under the 4K HD resolution for a High Definition Quality video clip. the BGM is done by their Music Directors Duo, Balan Raj – M. Jagathees, which has a surreal and authentic music. Kudos to them, for an authentic composition.

PARAMAPATHAM, upcoming Malaysian Tamil Film will be releasing in cinemas nationwide. For the first time in Malaysia, Paramapatham is a mind-twisting Gameboard based story, coming to the screens by this year 2019.

Dreamsky Home Production in association with Sai Nanthini Movie World (SNMW)
Produce by :Dr. DR. Latcha Perrabu PhD. & Dr. DR. Chakravarthy PhD. 
Directors : Thanesh Perrabu – Viknesh Perrabu

Starring : K.S.Maniam, Singai JGun, BenG, Aghonderan, Umagandhan, Vicky Nadarajah, Kavimaran (THR Raaga), Viknes Perrabu, Thanesh Perrabu, Sasivaroban, Risheekesan, Kausaliya, Pavitran, Vimal, and many more.