After releasing their teaser for “Munvinai Payan“, The expectations has grown much on the team for their official trailer. It was announced that the trailer would be launched in Mr. Miss Indian National Model Annual Dinner 2019  on 26th April at Da Vienna Boutique Hotel, BATAM, INDONESIA  from 8pm – 11pmand also on their producer’s youtube channnel, “Mathe’s Production House” but things quickly escalated when we saw the trailer being released earlier than the announced time on facebook.

We immediately tried contacting the director of Munvinai Payan, Desmond Mark via phone call to comment on this matter but unfortunately we couldn’t get him on the line and he never did return call. It doesn’t reflect a good attitude for an upcoming young talent to do so or perhaps he too underestimate the reach of an online media.

Nevertheless, the story by Sasiva Roban Murthy looks promising and the stunt choreography also done by him looks good. Cinematography by MJ Deva looks good with the opening of the trailer with a drone shot of the city’s scape. The team should really praise their Editor, Rocket Rakesh for an awesome editing work. The trailer looks really neat with the proper editing and also color grading.

Despite a good story and cinematography plus editing, the downside was the trailer resolution quality in youtube is within 360p video quality. It’s weird as to why they didn’t want to set their trailer’s resolution to 1080p HD as their teaser resolution was done in 1080p HD. It is really annoying to watch the trailer in a low resolution. It would have been great if it is at least uploaded in 480p resolution. Hopefully the short film is in a High Resolution format. If not, it would be really an eye-sore watching it in low res.

While the teaser has gained 2,003 views on Rocket’s youtube channel, ” Rocket Studios”, It is clearly a question to many as to why the team has not released their trailer in the same channel of Rocket’s? So far the trailer has garnered about 331 views  on “Mathe’s Production House” channel up to date today. 

So many questions left unanswered.

Maybe this has something to do with the sudden release of the trailer?

Munvinai Payan Teaser

There is definitely a huge expectation on this upcoming short film as we can see from the teaser and trailer’s development.  One could just hope that the short film will not be a disappointment and it willl live up to the expectations of many eager to watch.

As for the trailer though, it seems that we can roughly put together the story ourselves on how the plot line might play out. Based on watching the trailer, its seems that the villain character named ” Gold Bar Kumara” ( unsure if it meant to be funny or a serious nickname or perhaps maybe he is wearing too many gold jewelries), he is the gangster of the town and he runs many illegal businesses which contributes to his good fortune.

And then there is a group of young bloods who want to overthrow “Gold Bar Kumara”and take over his spot as the next top gangster. In the meantime, Police is also seems to be investigating on this villain character and the young blood finally manages to kill off “Gold Bar Kumara” and right before he makes his victory shout, someone else hits him on the head. We might guess who that might be. It might be a young gangster that is looking to become the next top boss or maybe a young blood spy planted in the group by police in order to destroy gangsterism.

We might be right and we might be wrong.Nevertheless, “Munvinai Payan” is definitely a short film not to be missed when the teaser and trailer speaks volume on the high expectations of the general public.