After producing Antha Saalai OramMr. Matheyalagan Thilagavathi, the producer of the upcoming tamil film, Kadaaram Ragasiyam ( Secrets of Kedah)yet again produces another action short film , Munvinai Payan under the banner of Mathe’s Production House. 

Mr. Matheyagalan in “Anthe Saalai Oram”

One of the reasons that Mr. Matheyalagan produces films and short films is to give young and upcoming actors/actresses/ technical & non tehcnical crews, a chance to showcase their talents, abilities, creativities and also to be able to grow in our local film industry and help to bring up to the next level in the local film industry.

Under the Direction of Desmond Mark ( Assistant Director & Scriptwriter of Paramapatham) and  a Story & Stunt by Sasiva Roban Murthy (Lead Actor & Stunt Choreographer of Paramapatham), Munvinai Payan makes it debut in an action short film genre.

“Vinai” in english translation of noun would be added results of deeds or actions while “Payan” would be translated as to profit or to reap benefit. Simply put, Munvinai Payan is about a story of “what you sow is what you reap” or the quote of,   “What goes around, comes around” may fit perfectly with the short film’s story. A karma based story embedded with a good social message within it, Munvinai Payan seeks to show that wrongdoings will never bring any good to anyone. 

The short film’s cinematography is done by MJ Deva ( Kaadaram Ragasiyam Cinematographer) assisted by Yogi and Deepan while the casts consists of new faces such as Rishie, Yogi, Jailani, Harick, Carmell while Matheyalagan also plays a role in the short film.

The release date of the shortfilm is yet to be announced and will be updated soon.