Hailing from Sungai Siput, Perak, A Malaysian couple started sharing cooking recipes on YouTube from early January this year without having any thoughts or expectations that they would be the next YouTube Sensations.

Picture credit : Bernama

It all started when S.Pavithra, a housewife and her husband, M.Sugu were encouraged and convinced by a friend to start a YouTube channel. They decided to make the recipe tutorials in the language of Bahasa Malaysia to hope to reach a wider set of Malaysian audiences. It was a wise decision as currently, their channel has garnered about 532,000 subscribers as at today!

Many positive comments are flowing through each of their videos and it’s very easy to see why. With an excellent grasp of the language, Pavithra wins the heart of many through her humbleness and down to earth character with no fancy pots or utensils or luxurious kitchen settings. Below video serves an example of her humility.

A Youtube User praising and giving good comments on Sugu Pavithra.

One of their most popular video would the “Kari Ayam Pencen” that has garnered about 1.6 million views in just about a month being posted on the channel. They are also very grateful to all subscribers who keep sharing her videos and also for playing a part in helping them to be established as YouTube Partner. The couple now can rely on this new source of income to support their family.

1.6 million views in 1 month and it continues to grow!
Japanese YouTuber Ichang and her partner Jimmy recreate the recipe by following Sugu Pavithra’s video and with google translate – Screengrab via YouTube/iChang RM

Sugu Pavithra had made headlines all over social media and even a Japanese couple tried to recreate a banana leaf meal at home with their recipe and recently even got showered with gifts from our current PM, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin!

video by Sugu Pavithra on receiving gifts from our PM

Kudos to Pavithra and Sugu! We hope the best for all of your endeavours.
You are currently the talk of the town and we’re very proud of you!

You can follow their channel right here!