Sungai Petani, Kedah – Grab your popcorn and get ready to watch a heart tickling childish tantrum thrown by a barely recognized actor in an unprofessional way of handling matters.

Things quickly escalated when that particular actor decided to make the matter worse by publicly showing how immature he is by posting in whats-app public group instead of dealing matters between two parties.

Identity of the actor is hidden in order to save him some embarrassment.

We guess that all of us have a right to give our opinion and comments as the actor himself decided to make things public and post the above statement in a public space. Which Director does this actor points to?

After much findings, the actor plays a part in the upcoming local movie,” Paramapatham”. The movie which is currently undergoing final stages of post-productions and will be sent to Lembaga Penapis Filem for censorship approval and “wajib tayang” dates.

One of our writers had the privileges to watch a small clips of the movie when he was around in Sungai Petani for another program. After watching it, “Paramapatham” has gained the confidence of our writers that it is actually a good quality upcoming Tamil movie with almost no boring scenes in the movie.

So why this “Kolaveri Di”? We did receive a clarification in the whats-app group itself and guess what?

A return reply to clarify the mess made from the “child” actor.

It seems that there was an issue. Of course issues are always there and its shows our character build on how we solve an issue. It seems like the actor threw vulgarity together with his tantrums. Bad choices of actions bro, now perhaps the actor now has a chance to rectify his attitude problem?

whatever being said, its really a gentleman way when Director Thanesh Perrabu chose to deal with this brat. He still guarantees his contribution towards the film will be credited. But above all, I guess that will be the end for the actor unless he changes his childish tantrum and change for a better person.

Belum famous sudah throw tantrum?! Apa bikin malu bossku?